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Vintage Cigar Band Labels, L001
Price 30 for $1.00

These vintage cigar band labels date from the 1930's.  They are about 2.75" in length, but sizes vary.  A great mix of 30 for $1.00.
Vintage Cigar Box Labels, L002
Price 2 for $1.50

These vintage cigar box labels date from the 1940's.  They are about 2 x 3".
Las Vegas Cigar Band Labels, L003
Price 30 for $1.00

Viva Las Vegas!  These cigar bands are sure to add a touch of whimsy to your art projects!
Vintage Cigar Trim Labels, L004
Price 15 for $2.00

These cigar trim labels are about 1 x 21" dating from about the 1930's.  They are great for frames and borders.
French Flag and Wine Barrel Labels; about 1.25", 25/pack; Price $1.50

Vintage Glenmore Cigar Box Labels, about 1.5 x 5"; 10/pack; Price $1.99
These labels are a nice large size!

1930's Paris Champagnet Labels; Lime Lithia or Ginger Ale styles;  5 large (3.5 x 4.5") & 5 small per package;
Price $2.99/pack

Seig's Drug Store Labels; real vintage pharmacy labels; about 2.5 x 1.5"; 10/pack; Price $1.99 pack

Vintage Saffron Labels; 10/pack; about 2.5 x 1.25";
Price $1.99

Case Drug Store Labels; Redhead (2.5 x 1.5" and Quinine (1.5");
10/pack; Price $1.99 each

Vintage "For The" Labels; 30/pack; 10 of each style; 1" across; Price $1  
Use the "eye" label by something pretty and so on!
Vintage Traveler Cigar Box Labels; 3.5 x 4.5"; 10/pack; Price $1.99

Vintage Witchall Witch Hazel Labels, 5 per pack; 5" across; Price $3.00
1930-50's Bottle Neck Labels; largest is about 4" across; 40/pack - 5 of each style shown; Price $1.99/pack
Select Mixed Vintage Labels;  14 per pack; 2 of each label; "Cooke's" labels are 4" across; Price $3.69
Vintage Mermaid Sardine Labels; 5 per pack; About 3" x 4" inches; Price $2.59
Smith Drug Store Labels; 10/pack; Price $1.99

Assorted Real Vintage Cheese Labels 1930-1950; Largest is about 2"; 10 per pack; Price $2.99
Vintage Large Leaf Liquor Label;  About 5.5" x 6"; 10 per pack;  Price $2.99
1950's Universal Ovenware Coupons;   About 3.5" x 1.75";  25 per pack;  Price $2.59
Vintage Christy Girl Cigar Box Label; 5 per pack;  About 3.5" across; Price $2.99
Vintage Royal Label Assortment;  20 per pack; 4 of each label shown;  largest label is about 3" x 5"; Price $2.99
1930-1950's Assorted Vintage Cheese Labels;  10 per pack; No two packs are alike; Price $2.99