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Asian Beauties Playing Cards, 2 1/4 x 3 3/8",
10 per pack
Price $2.00
Green King Bank Note, 4 x 7.5", 15 per pack, P054
Price $1.19/pack

Hell Bank Corp Bank Note, 4 x 7.5", 15 per pack, P056
Price $1.19/pack

Chinese Vocabulary Cards, 1 x 3", 15 per pack. Price $1.00

Asian Disc Brass Charm,  7/8", C065
Price 2/$1

Flat Back Vintage Lucite Asian Cabs; See photo for sizes;  Buddha has 1 per pack; See dropdown menu for pricing.
Vintage Small Japanese Vocabulary Cards; 2.5" tall; 20 per pack; Price $1.00
Chinese Coin Pack; 12 each of the 15mm and 24mm round coins and 1 of the large scalloped coins per pack; 25 total; Price$2.99