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Metal Items - All sorts of metal stuff!!

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Pink Poodle Brads, mixed colors as shown, 20mm, 12/pack, #FIFI, Price $2.99; on sale for $1

Heart Bling Brads, mixed mixed colors, 7mm, 12/pack, #HBGB, Price $2.99, sale price $1.00
Tiny Metal Rose Beads,   Gold and Blue; 20/package, about 3/8", Price $1.19
These little roses are flat on the bottom, so you can glue them down.  They also have a hole so that they can be used like a bead.
Bright Copper Roses; Beads or Charms; Large 6/pack.  Price $1.55/pack
Pastel Butterfly Brads, 12/pack, mixed colors as shown, about 1/2" across, Price $2.99; on sale for $1
Small Rectangle "Enamel" Religious Beads, 5/pack, about 1/2" tall, Price $1.25
I love these beads.
Shiny Copper Roses; Beads or Charms; Large, 3/8",  6/pack.  Price $1.55/pack
Long Leaf Scrolls, stamped metal; antique bronze, 6/pack; Price $1.59

Antique Bronze       
Double-sided Silver Large OVAL Religious Enamel Charms, 3/pack, 1" tall (excluding loop), Price $2.49  This is a sample of the heavyweight charms you'll receive.  The image is on both sides.

Double-sided Gold Large Round Religious Enamel Charms, 5/pack, 1" across; Price $2.49  This is a sample of the heavyweight charms you'll receive.  The image is on both sides.

Genuine Antique Skeleton Keys; Sizes range from 3.75 - 2.5" tall; Purchase by selecting number beneath each key.
Price $2.99 each

Keys 15-21
Mixed Heart Brads; Silver, Gold & Copper;  3 sizes as shown; 3 of each size; Price $1.39

Keys 8-14
Keys 22-28
Teeny Bright Button Brads; 25/pack; about 3/16" across; Price $1.79

Brass Long Leaf Scrolls, 5/pack; Price $0.99

Mini Metal Roses; Silver, Deep Purple or Green; 20 per pack; about 3/8"; May be glued down or strung as a bead; Price $1.19
Great new colors!

Seven Gypsies Chain with Clasp; 4/pack as shown; chains are 8" long;  Price $3.96
Aged Copper Metal Flowers #2; 5 pieces; about 1/2";   Price $1.59
Distressed Brass Disc Charms; 10 pieces; 0.4" or 10mm;  Price $1.59
Lead-free silver metal alloy Madonna charms; large and substantial charms; about 1.25 x 1.5"; Price $1.19 each
Silver-colored Metal Alloy Saint Benedict Charms; 5/pack; Price $1.39 each
Assorted Tokens; 10/pack; most about 0.75"; Game, carwash, arcade, etc., tokens; Price $1.19
Small Gold Plated Stainless Steel Vintage Pen Nibs; 1 & 1/8" tall; 8 per package;  Price $1.69
Eyelet Outlet Mushrooms Brads; Colors/Styles as shown; 12/pack; about 1/2" across; Price $1.50; sale price $1.00
Brass Aged Metal Flowers; about 1/2" across; 5/pack;

Brass Triad Scrolls; about 5/8" across; 6/pack;

Brass Tulip Scrolls; 3/4" x 5/8"; 6/pack;

Brass Fans - Distressed (10/pack) or Black-plated (5 per pack); About 1" x 3/4"; See dropdown menu for prices. 
Distressed               Black-plated
Brass Oval Scrolls; about 1.25" x 0.5"; 5/pack;

Rusty Filigree Decorations -  5/pack;  About 5/8" x 3/4"; Price $1.99
Tim Holtz Tiny Screw Eyes; 36 per pack;

Tim Holtz Wire Pins; 18/pack; Price $4.99
Silver-plated leaf scrolls; Large (1.25" across) or Small (5/8" tall);  5 per pack; See menu for pricing.
Tiny Watch Parts; 90 pieces; Price $3.49
Packaged in a plastic container about 1.25".

Bright Silver Paris Clock Buttons; 6 per pack; See dropdown menu for pricing. 1/2" sold out.
Small Religious Enamel Charms, 7/pack, SREC,
Price $1.00
Houses         18/19mm 
Eyelet Outlet Brads; 12 per pack; Price $2.99 per pack; on sale for $1
For $1
For $1
For $1
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Antique Bronze Flat-back Fleur de Lys Cabs; 10 per pack; About 12.5mm; Price $1.99
Assorted Watch Faces; 4 per pack;  Sizes/shapes vary;  Price $2.29
Antique Brass Filigree Leaf; about 1.5" x 1"; 5 per pack; Price $1.99