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Metal Items - All sorts of metal stuff!!

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Crown Brads, mixed colors as shown, 20mm, 12/pack, #CRNB, Price $2.99; on sale for $1
Pink Poodle Brads, mixed colors as shown, 20mm, 12/pack, #FIFI, Price $2.99; on sale for $1

Heart Bling Brads, mixed mixed colors, 7mm, 12/pack, #HBGB, Price $2.99, sale price $1.00
Tiny Metal Rose Beads,   Gold, Red and Blue; 20/package, about 3/8", Price $1.19
These little roses are flat on the bottom, so you can glue them down.  They also have a hole so that they can be used like a bead.  The black ones are perfect for Halloween!
Bright Copper Roses; Beads or Charms; Large 6/pack.  Price $1.55/pack
Pastel Butterfly Brads, 12/pack, mixed colors as shown, about 1/2" across, Price $2.99; on sale for $1
Small Rectangle "Enamel" Religious Beads, 5/pack, about 1/2" tall, Price $1.25
I love these beads.
Shiny Copper Roses; Beads or Charms; Large, 3/8",  6/pack.  Price $1.55/pack
Long Leaf Scrolls, stamped metal; antique bronze, 6/pack; Price $1.59

Antique Bronze       
Small Leaf Scrolls, stamped metal; oxidized brass, 5/pack; Price $1.10
Double-sided Silver Large OVAL Religious Enamel Charms, 3/pack, 1" tall (excluding loop), Price $2.49  This is a sample of the heavyweight charms you'll receive.  The image is on both sides.

Double-sided Gold Large Round Religious Enamel Charms, 5/pack, 1" across; Price $2.49  This is a sample of the heavyweight charms you'll receive.  The image is on both sides.

Genuine Antique Skeleton Keys; Sizes range from 3.75 - 2.5" tall; Purchase by selecting number beneath each key.
Price $2.99 each

Keys 15-21
Mixed Heart Brads; Silver, Gold & Copper;  3 sizes as shown; 3 of each size; Price $1.39

Mixed Loopy Brads; Silver, Gold & Copper;  12/pack; Price $1.19

Keys 8-14
Keys 22-28
Teeny Bright Button Brads; 25/pack; about 3/16" across; Price $1.79

Vintage Steel Stereo Slide Mounts with Glass; 1.5 x 4"; Price $2.69 each
Two panes of glass are included with each slide mount set.  Sandwich images between the glass and insert in the slide mount. Snap the havles of the slide mount together. These are original and old!

Brass Long Leaf Scrolls, 5/pack; Price $0.99

Mini Metal Roses; Silver, Deep Purple or Green; 20 per pack; about 3/8"; May be glued down or strung as a bead; Price $1.19
Great new colors!

Seven Gypsies Chain with Clasp; 4/pack as shown; chains are 8" long;  Price $3.96
Aged Copper Metal Flowers #2; 5 pieces; about 1/2";   Price $1.59
Distressed Brass Disc Charms; 10 pieces; 0.4" or 10mm;  Price $1.59
Lead-free silver metal alloy Madonna charms; large and substantial charms; about 1.25 x 1.5"; Price $1.19 each
Silver-colored Metal Alloy Saint Benedict Charms; 5/pack; Price $1.39 each
Assorted Tokens; 10/pack; most about 0.75"; Game, carwash, arcade, etc., tokens; Price $1.19
Small Gold Plated Stainless Steel Vintage Pen Nibs; 1 & 1/8" tall; 8 per package;  Price $1.69
Eyelet Outlet Mushrooms Brads; Colors/Styles as shown; 12/pack; about 1/2" across; Price $1.50; sale price $1.00
Brass Aged Metal Flowers; about 1/2" across; 5/pack;

Brass Triad Scrolls; about 5/8" across; 6/pack;

Brass Tulip Scrolls; 3/4" x 5/8"; 6/pack;

Brass Fans - Distressed (10/pack) or Black-plated (5 per pack); About 1" x 3/4"; See dropdown menu for prices. 
Distressed               Black-plated
Brass Oval Scrolls; about 1.25" x 0.5"; 5/pack;

Rusty Filigree Decorations -  5/pack;  About 5/8" x 3/4"; Price $1.99
Vintage Prestomount Metal Slide Mount with 2 panes of glass; Price $1.99 each
Tim Holtz Tiny Screw Eyes; 36 per pack;

Tim Holtz Wire Pins; 18/pack; Price $4.99
Silver-plated leaf scrolls; Large (1.25" across) or Small (5/8" tall);  5 per pack; See menu for pricing.
Tiny Watch Parts; 90 pieces; Price $3.49
Packaged in a plastic container about 1.25".

Bright Silver Paris Clock Buttons; 6 per pack; See dropdown menu for pricing. 1/2" sold out.
Small Religious Enamel Charms, 7/pack, SREC,
Price $1.00
           houses             clock parts
           18-19mm            16mm
Eyelet Outlet Brads; 12 per pack; Price $2.99 per pack; on sale for $1
For $1
For $1
For $1
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Antique Bronze Flat-back Fleur de Lys Cabs; 10 per pack; About 12.5mm; Price $1.99
Assorted Watch Faces; 4 per pack;  Sizes/shapes vary;  Price $2.29
Antique Brass Filigree Leaf; about 1.5" x 1"; 5 per pack; Price $1.99
Maya Road Perfect Shot Arrows; antique brass; 5 per pack; 2.4" x 0.4";  Price